Listeners SHARE their experiences

As our #speakshareSTOP campaign continues many of our listeners have been sharing their experiences on bullying with us. 

With their consent, we have included their various examples of bullying in West Yorkshire in a bid to help #STOP bullying in its tracks. 

Workplace bulling call 1

Recent bulling in school and how it was tackled

Workplace bulling call 2

Workplace bullying - Ellie

David speaks out about being bullied

I was severely bullied - physically and verbally at high school throughout my five years. 
I was a very quiet individual at school, and I guess I was an easy target for them. As a result of this, I kind of kept it to myself and never really told anyone about it - hence it kept continuing. 
It came to the point where I couldn't handle it anymore, and because of this, frequently truanted from school because I couldn't stand being there. 
Yet neither my parents nor teachers bothered to ask why I wasn't attending school. 
If they had, I guess I may have had the guts to say something. 
I am now 40 years old and I am a much different person now to what I was back then. 
School is a much better place now and for any youngster going through the same thing, help is there and the teachers are there for your safety and protection, so for goodness sake - TELL THEM. Don't bottle it up for five years like I did.

Maria #speaks out about bulling in the workplace

I have been a victim of bullying at work. The girl I worked with was nasty to me everyday at work. She supposed to give me training as it should as I'm a new starter but has a lot of good history and good reputation with the company. This girl made my working life a living hell and she made fun of me behind my back and when I asked questions she's very sarcastic on answering the question so I didn't really learn much about my job... and I suppose I should have reported it with my manager but they're best friends so I can't really approach her. 

It made me suicidal at some point - I wrote a letter to my boyfriend and to my parents saying that I can't face this anymore -- but you know what I said "no" I'm not going to let this GIRL ruin me and make her win. 

In the end though, we found out that they're closing the department where I worked -- so I was relieved somehow as I don't have to put up with her everyday but the sad thing is -- she has been offered a job internally and I have been made redundant again. 

I'm working now not all positive but it's getting there. Getting my confidence back and start smiling and trusting people again. 

I'M SO GLAD "PULSE 1 and PULSE 2" are doing this this week as I feel it's about time we stood up to this people. 


I was 15 and bullying got really serious in School school I was bullied because I was different because I didn't smoke I didn't party I wasn't like the other kids. But then it got serious when I started self harming and having suicidal thoughts i'm still battling with the problems today I just want to say that people are not alone.And if you think you can't handle or cope talk to somebody it is always the best solution 
Stay strong that's what I always say be yourself and don't let nobody change that