Sun Savers - Payday Pain

WHY is payday STILL so far away?

So, we’re halfway through January, meaning most of us are really feeling the squeeze. But there are some quick ways to help you save a little more this month.

Pocket some extra cash, fast, with my mid-month pick-me-ups...

Reward yourself. Even I’ve been guilty of forgetting how many reward points I built up over the festive period. While points schemes aren’t as good value as they were, last weekend, I put my Tesco Clubcard points towards a Cineworld cinema ticket.
SAVING: £13 on a full price cinema ticket.

Question time. Able to multi-task when watching TV? Try taking online surveys, which can pay up to between 50p and £5 a time. Check YouGov.co.uk, Surveyspotter.com, PineconeResearch.co.uk, and PopulusLive.com. You can do them from a your home computer or on your smartphone.
SAVING: up to £5 per survey at Surveyspotter.com.

Job hunt. Some Savers have told me they’re addicted to this nifty little app. Seen a job ad in the window of a local shop? Snap it using The Job Spotter app and you’ll earn points if you’re the first one to spot it. They used to pay out in cash, however it’s now Amazon gift cards. I put this towards bulk food items available on the website and trim the cost of my big food shop.
SAVING: Up to £1.50 per job advert.

Shop it up. There’s nothing I love more than earning money for one of my favourite hobbies. Mystery shopping is when companies recruit shoppers to test their customer service. Sometimes you are given money to spend in-store but when I’ve done it, it’s always been a series of questions about where certain things are in the shop. ProInsight.org and Grassrootsmysteryshopping.com are my top choice and you can also complete some jobs over the phone.
SAVING: An average of £10 per assignment.

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