3 In 5 Of Us 'Won't Mark Valentine's Day'

Just two in five of us are planning to mark Valentine's Day here in West Yorkshire - according to a new study.

The research also suggests that those that do will be setting a limit of £20 for a gift.

The most popular presents for those that will mark it are flowers, chocolate and champagne.

Lindsay Foster, owns Lincoln's Florists in Huddersfield. She told Pulse 1 & Pulse 2: "It's changed over the last ten years. The price of red roses has gone up so much, we now do mixed bunches so you get more for your money.

"Mother's Day is our busiest day of the year - Valentine's Day is a distant second!"

Meanwhile the Skipton based Sleep Council are encouraging us to snuggle up to our loved ones as part of Valentine's Day.

"One in six couples regularly, if not always, sleep in separate beds, but cosying up with your other half seems to aid good quality sleep," said Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council.

Most recent results from the Sleep Council reveals 82% of those who sleep very well always share their bed, while 17% of those who sleep very poorly are sleeping alone.

Growing evidence also suggests that couples who sleep together not only stay together but stay healthier too.