Tragedy in Emmerdale

Emmerdale will be rocked by a devastating event that threatens to kill some village favourites.

Eight lives will hang in the balance as the week’s episode air, but in an Emmerdale first, each episode deals with the same day up until the same moment when tragedy could strike in a week inspired by Hollywood films.

But in a dramatic twist, the episodes will all begin showing scenes from an upcoming funeral where one – or more – characters are laid to rest.

Fan favourites Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden will be involved in a horrifying incident that threatens to rip them apart – and devastate the millions of ‘Robron’ fans.

As an unusually nervous Robert prepares to propose to boyfriend Aaron, he’s stopped in his tracks by Lachlan, who being suspicious of Robert’s relationship with his aunt Rebecca, threatens to pretend Robert sexually abused him in order to keep him away from his family.

But when Aaron overhears Lachlan’s plans, he attacks the troublesome teen and bundles him into the boot of his car. Later when Lachlan manages to escape, the three end up in a terrifying cliffside fight and not all of them may survive.

Meanwhile, Emma Barton’s twisted plan to trap ex-husband James in her house and isolate him from the world until he loves her again will also come to a thrilling climax as she menacingly wields a knife while dressed in a deranged and blood stained wedding dress.

The love triangle between Pierce, Paddy and Rhona comes to a dramatic point which sees Pierce and Paddy covered in blood after a tense showdown, while it has also been confirmed that vascular dementia suffering former vicar Ashley Thomas will be involved in the tragic events, but could he be the one to die?