Breakfast Biog

Here's a bit more about our 2 early risers...

Paul Foster
Brought up on a diet of Wham Bars, Caramacs, and Why Don’t You, Paul realised at an early age you can actually get paid for playing other people’s records. After talking really nicely to his parents they bought him some mobile disco gear and so it began - doing dodgy pubs, birthdays and wedding receptions lugging rope lights and turn tables all over Huddersfield & beyond. He soon moved onto work in some of the country’s finest nightclubs, and some of the not so fine ones too if truth be told…But he always fancied having a go on the wireless.
10 years ago Paul was coaxed from clubland with a promise of free cups of tea and biscuits by a station in Leeds, which soon led to him being kidnapped by a station over in Hull. The bosses realised he was cheap and stuck him all over the schedule from evenings to breakfast and everywhere in between. Now, after a stint in Manchester Paul has finally been brought back home to West Yorkshire. The opportunity for The Pulse Breakfast Show arrived and following various threats he finally agreed to do it...the theory still remains that playing records and talking in-between them isn’t a bad way to make a living!
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Debbie Lindley
Debbie was born in Dewsbury and raised in Mirfield. After working as a hospital radio volunteer and the now defunct AA Roadwatch she joined The Pulse at the very beginning to co-present The Breakfast Show. In 1996 she became YTV's first female Weather Presenter appearing also on Granada, Tyne Tees and Border Television. Over the years she's written columns for The Telegraph and Argos, The Reporter Group and The Press as well as acting as an ambassador for The Princes Trust across Yorkshire. When she's not working she's a domestic cleaning operative ( i.e.skivvy!) for hubbie Graham and daughter Megan. Working with Paul Foster means she's now a dab hand at making a brew and spends her weekends looking for chippies that serve curry sauce and NOT beans.