The Big Proposal

We chose our Mr X who has been trying to bag that beautiful engagement ring from Bradbury's Jewellers.


 To win it, all they had to do was get their other half to say YES! 

Easy huh?

Well here's the science bit: The way he proposed was TOTALLY out of his hands and down to YOU!

Here's what you chose this week:

On Monday you chose a tux for Mr X to wear, over a fancy dress costume.


On Tuesday you had to pick where he was going to propose, was it going to be a chippy or a fancy restaurant? You chose the restaurant.


Wednesday's voting was the CLOSEST it’s ever been. You had to decide who will be serenading the couple at that all important moment: Mylo or Rosie!

With just 51.2% of the votes you went for Mylo….and he’s not happy about it!


Thursday'big decision was what will Mr X present to his other half before The Big Proposal.


A) Flowers or B) Garlic bread....you went for the flowers.

How will it go? Well you'll have to wait and see won't you! 

We'll reveal all on Monday morning when you wake up.  

Mylo and Rosie x


Special thanks to Greenwoods in Bradford, casa in Brighouse and Julia's Florist in Wibsey.