Meet James on news..

Meet James Crossling, Breakfast newsreader and top jounalist who loves to get up early. He also likes to "Make it Sexy" on a Friday by reading out boring instructions in his own special way for the ladies of West Yorkshire. We asked the "Breakfast Beefcake" some questions to find out what makes him tick....

What was your first job?

A waiter at a hotel/restaurant.

How long have you worked at The Pulse?

Three years.

How do you cope with the early starts?

Setting two alarms.

How do you take your tea in the morning?

Milk, one sugar.

Who is the most famous person (or people) you have interviewed?

Has to be the Chuckle Brothers.

Who is grumpiest first thing in the morning? Paul Foster or Debbie Lindley?

Paul - hands down.

What is your favourite thing about Paul and Debbie?



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