Naked Mylo

Danny Mylo’s big mouth got him into trouble!

On ya show earlier in the week he said he could do a better job modelling topless than the men in Rosie’s favourite calendar (West Yorkshire Fire Fighter’s Red Hot Dates).




Rosie made a few phone calls and got the firemen themselves on the show so Mylo could tell them to their faces Oh AND he had to prove that he could do a better job by having a snap taken LIVE on air for their next calendar.




…..did I mention he was naked?!

I think he’ll think twice before opening his big gob in the future!

Check out www.redhotdates.org.uk to find out more info on the boys and how you can get your mits on their next calendar…

PLUS they said they’ll put some of the proceeds towards Make A Difference Day.

Good on them!