On The Show Today..

Paul’s 5 year old daughter Abbie is describing an object. If you can guess what it is then you could win our pile of mediocre cds. This morning’s guesses were:

Hot hair styling brush

Chip basket

What's your favourite smell?

Sean Wilkinson - when you blow out a candle or match

Tracey Jones - leather

Amanda Eastwood - the smell of your other half

Dale Bradley - Battenberg!

Paul Ivory - the sweet smell of success

Helen Barker - new carpet

Odeon Tickets

Jane Cowlishaw from Bradford is the proud winner of some Odeon tickets, she's promised to take her son with her! Aw bless

Daily Quiz

Despite there being no celebrity birthdays and comedy buzzers (Debbie got lumbered with Steptoe and Son whilst James had the mighty Chuckle Brothers theme tune. James won again and we play for the final time this week at 8:30 tomorrow.

Back tomorrow from 6am with Odeon tickets, cd's and James on news is going to "Make it Sexy" with a little something for the ladies as a Friday treat