The Danny Mylo Show does JAMES BOND

If you're off to see Spectre have a watch of Mylo and Rosie's take on the James Bond song...

Mylo's facial expressions will be imprinted on your brain for the rest of your life...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The Danny Mylo Show got a James Bond makeover.... even Keith, Rosie's bald cat got in on the action.

To celebrate the release of Spectre Mylo and Rosie took it upon themselves to reveal Sam Smith's SECRET when it comes to singing such high notes in his James Bond song.

Lyrics (If you fancy a sing song):

I’m not prepared for this

Normally I miss


But I feel like a storm it coming,

Am I gonna make it through the day??

It’s starting to feel funny

This is something I’ve got to face


If I pull at all

It will make things sore


How can I live, how can I breathe

I’m glad noone’s here I’m suffocating


I cannot feel I’m losing Blood

Tell me is this where I give it all up?


That’s it I have to make the CALL


“Mum I’ve got my Zip caught on my b*%l”!!!