The Face Masked Singer

The world has changed and going to our favourite artist's gigs anytime soon is going to be a very different experience so Mylo & Rosie wanted to prepare you in true Mylo & Rosie style.

Each morning at 6.15 Mylo & Rosie will play you a clip of a singer performing in a face mask, all you have to do is name the FACEmaskedsinger. Topical? Absolutely! Award winning? Probably not.

Get it right and YOU my friend will be strutting your stuff in one of the WORLD FAMOUS Mylo & Rosie invisible crowns*

Play along each morning when you wake up on the Pulse 1 app for FREE.

*The Mylo & Rosie show Invisible crown is none refundable and cannot be exchanged for the equivalent monetary value. The Mylo & Rosie show invisible is guaranteed to make your day better apart from when it doesn't. Owning a Mylo & Rosie invisible crown wavers your legal rights if you come out with an invisible rash from wearing one.