The Script came to play!

The Script came round to Pulse 1 Towers to see Mylo and Rosie!

They played a special celebrity verison of Mylo and Rosie's game Letters Play against 10 year old Millie.... AND LOST!

Not only did little Millie bag a spanner from Mylo and Rosie's Box De La Crepe BUT The Script PERSONALLY invited her to come to their gig in Leeds AND hang out with them back stage.

Not bad ey? The Script's prize was ok too....


Missed them on the show? Don't worry... just click the link and have a listen!



Now having The Script, Mylo and Rosie all in one room together can only spell disaster! They decided to leave a little surprise for Bossman Tony in his office... and he's not a happy bunny!

Have a watch...