Rosie Madison

Getting to know Rosie:


Rosie is a proper Yorkshire lass from Halifax! Our girl stands out in a crowd, not just because of her RIDICULOUS laugh but at 6ft 2” she’s pretty easy to spot (quite literally her friends all “meet back at Rosie” on nights out if they get lost).

Rosie’s radio career started at the age of 18 when she worked on the reception desk at Galaxy. From there she was plucked and thrown on the breakfast show and she’s been getting up at daft o’clock for different stations ever since including Viking FM in ‘ull (you have to say it like that apparently). 

She lives with her fella Matt (no they’re not hitched yet… much to Mylo’s disappointment) with her ugly bald cat Keith.
Our girl’s pretty nifty on the netball court too and you’ll often see her in action for Brod’s Netball team! Rosie’s always been a show off, spending most of her “after School” time singing her socks off at Stage 84 in Bradford, in fact our girl’s performed a number of times at the Bradford Alhambra so if anyone has a video of one of those times it will be worth a lot of money now: Mostly from Rosie paying for it NOT to be shown.  

Rosie’s claim to fame is that her left arm was once in a DFS commercial. 

Get in touch with Rosie by emailing rosie@pulse.co.uk or by dropping her a message below. Oh, and follow her on twitter @rosiemadison.


60 seconds with Rosie Madison!

Name: Rosie Madison

Born: Halifax, I weighed 10lbs 11”… my mum’s still never forgiven me. 

Hobbies: I play netball, it helps being 6ft 2”, oh and I sing too, listen………………………………… good eh? 

Where did you go to school: Brighouse High School

What did you want to be when you were 6: The Queen. It was a tough time for me when Kate married our little willy, that was my chance! 

Finger buffet or A La Carte: That’s like asking me if I’d like to lick your foot or Brad Pitts face?! No contest, finger buffet all the way. Party rings = food of the gods. 

Wine or Beer: Both! 

Celeb that looks most like you: Do you know that muppet that plays in the band with the blonde hair, maybe her… can I count that as my celeb? 

What did you get in trouble for at school: I once got sent to the head’s office when I was at Northowram Primary school because I sang Happy Birthday to someone in my class but I didn’t mean it. I’ve always lived on the edge. Innit. 

Worst thing in the world: Meat (don’t be rude now!!) I’m  veggie all the way. 

Name of first pet: Robert Smudge. He was a cat… I do feel that pets should have proper names. My current pet is one of those ugly bald cats called Keith. He feels like a …. I won’t say, the boss will kill me!

Perfect night in: Wine. 

Perfect night out: Wine. 

Weird celebrity crush: Dick Van Dyke! That dude is hot… 

Favourite TV programme: Family Guy.

Guilty pleasure: Disney and musicals. I’m getting help for it. 

Tell us something no one else knows about you: My first kiss was at the age of 10 with a boy called Tristian. My second kiss was at the age of 10 with Tristian’s brother. What a hussy.