Danny and Rosie do GCSE French!

To celebrate the Tour De France coming to Yorkshire, Mylo and Rosie thought there’d be a lot more of our French friends coming to the region and it would be rude not to be able to welcome them in their mother tongue…. Trouble is Mylo and Rosie hadn’t spoken French since school.


Now Producer J did some detective work… and got Mylo and Rosie’s French teachers from their old High Schools on the show to test their SKILLS!  


Rosie’s French Teacher Mrs Sinfield live on the phone to the Danny Mylo Show.


All the way from the Kings School in Ponte was Danny’s old French Teacher MRS GARDENER and Rosie’s French teacher Mrs Sinfield joined them from Brighouse High School.


Mrs Sinfield gave Rosie eight out of ten and Mylo only got  two out of ten from Mrs Gardener!


Maybe Mylo should have tried harder in school.

Have a listen to Mylo's attempt at French by clicking the link!

Here's Rosie's...