Rosie's put Danny on a dating website!

Our Rosie's so fed up of Danny moaning that he's not got that special someone in his life that she's gone and stuck him on a dating website. Now, when on one of these sites, you need a profile to attract the ladies and Rosie couldn't resist writing THIS about Danny:


"Now then ladies, let me introduce myself…

I’m Rosie, yes I know I don’t look like a Rosie on the picture, surprisingly that’s not me. That’s my good friend Danny who has no clue that I’m putting him on a dating website but between us girls, he needs a good woman in his life because quite frankly, it’s getting a bit sad now.

Danny is a top guy and the fact he got through to the 2nd round of Teen Hunk UK 2004 never fazed him. He has an amazing collection of Swarovski crystal animals so he'd need to meet a woman that accepts his hobby but also has lots of empty shelf space for his sparkling swans.
You can often find Danny down the local roller disco on a Friday night as this guy knows how to party. Danny is so talented on wheels, he can go backwards, spin round, the works. I guess he's always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and join the cast of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express. 
You may recognise a part of Danny as those eyebrows of his were used as stunt caterpillars in David Attenborough's Planet Earth. 

Danny's worked hard on getting over his ex's and as his friend I care about him and don't want any constant reminders of what happened in the past so if you're called one if the following names, don't waste your time: Audrey, Judith, Dorothy, Ethel, Maud or Derrick. 

Well, I guess if you want to know anymore about the man, the legend you'll just have to ask him yourself now won't you.

Good luck ladies!"

That's going to get him a bird isn't it Rosie!?!?!