Mylo & Rosie's Naff Claim To Fame Game

Mylo and Rosie have a game that they want you to play along with. It's called....


It all came about after Mylo told Rosie he once spotted Dave Benson Philips from Get Your Own Back buying a steak bake in Greggs... the rest they say is history.

All you have to do to play along is let Mylo and Rosie know about your quite frankly RUBBISH claim to fames!

They don't want to know that you're mates with Simon Cowell BUT if you live next door to the woman that washes his pooch then you're in the game!

Here are some of your Naff Claim to Fames:

 I saw Lisa Reilly through a window once.


I made a cup of tea for Dave the Hairy Biker

Claire Lancaster

I once saw Frank Bruno in his dressing gown

Nick Oleg Moore

I have served Christa Aykroyd in the shop where I work

Jim Welch

 I once saw Bob Carolgees filling up his Toyota Supra

Leon Chan

I served a bag of chips to Joe Johnson at a fish and chip shop.

Dave in Halifax

My mate cleaned the gym equipment that Matthew Wolfenden used in Halifax.




Happy spotting.