Rosie's Wedding Game

This is Rosie's favourite game to play when going to a wedding... and you should play along too!

Basically every time she goes to a wedding, she always buys a really NAFF gift and gives it to the bride and groom from SOMEONE ELSE!!! 


This is what she sent to her friends Tom and Taylor..... and pretended it was from her other mates Hannah and Danny.

Rosie even made up a quote that she wrote in the card. The funniest thing is... Tom and Taylor DIDN'T realise it was a prank and just thought Hannah and Danny had really bad taste! 

Hannah joined Mylo and Rosie on the show to explain all.... she revealed that they STILL think that the naff card and was from them! 


If you missed it... here's  the call with Rosie's mate Hannah...


Well done Rosie, we'll all be trying that at the next wedding we go to!