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As we heard yesterday Danny Mylo has gone and got himself a date with a REAL woman (apparently).

Simon Cowell's been spotted at the latest X Factor auditions sporting a bit of a facial rug and it would seem they're all the rage at the moment!

 Mylo now thinks he needs to man up a bit for his date but what do the ladies prefer?

A beard or not a beard??




Tracy Preston

 No just looks scruffy and like they can't be bothered with their hygiene- massive turn off


Kath Longstaff

Nope a bit of stubble is ok but I hate the fashion for young lads having old men beards that look like they have a day's worth of food hidden in the beard!


Vera called to tell him to shave it off as she’d NEVER go on a date with a man with a beard!

Better take it off then Mylo!


Back in the morning when you wake up.