**WATCH** Mylo and Rosie made one of their listener's dreams come true!

Mylo and Rosie heard about a very special little girl that listens to their show.

That little girl is 7 year old Olivia. Olivia suffers from a rare chromosome disorder Chromosome 6 Deletion, meaning she doesn't feel hungry, she doesn't feel tired and most seriously...she doesn't feel pain.

Mylo and Rosie invited Olivia and her mum into Pulse 1 and Olivia's mum Nicola explained the condition and the HORRIFIC moment Olivia got dragged down the road by a car:



What Olivia DIDN'T know was that Mylo and Rosie had pulled a few strings after finding out Olivia was a HUGE fan of the X Factor and more importantly of Fleur East!

Mylo and Rosie made Olivia's dream come true to meet AND SING with Fleur.... Have a watch!