Yorkshire's Snoring

Yorkshire Snoring Leader Board

Are you, or someone you know notorious for snoring?  Mylo & Rosie want you to send them a recording!  They’re going to judge the snore and get it on our “Yorkshire Snoring Leader Board”.  You’ll even be able to compare your partner/kids/dogs snore to others on the board.

Get a clip of them in their prime and send it to us here or you can send it direct to us via messages in the Pulse 1 app (download it here)

Don’t worry, of course it’ll make it on the radio ;)



Take a Listen

Tara the SCREAMER!!!!

20 Month Old Violet

Vicky Swales from Bradford SLEEP TALKING!!

Angela's CAT!

Sam Pogson

Missy from Cleckheaton (3 Years Old)

Betty The Billdog from Hipperholme

Grant Creasey from Cromwell

Jason Lund

Matthew Jagger

Ollie the Bulldog

Paul from Wakefield