Jason Derulo reveals the 'dumbest thing' his dog has done and it sounds disgusting 💩

Jason Derulo is back with his hit 'Take You Dancing' and the singer joined Fleur East, James and Producer Matt to talk about his success on TikTok, his super cute niece Skylar and the dumbest thing his dog Ice has done, which sounds rather smelly!

Telling the team all about being a puppy parent, Jason admitted that it was a "wonderful experience" having a dog, continuing, "they're like a joy because they're so smart," before admitting, "They're dumb sometimes!"

When pushed by Fleur he admitted that the dumbest thing his dog Ice has done happened the other day while he was taking his dogs for a walk.


Recounting the hilarious moment, Jason said, "Ghost took a dump and then Ice went to go smell it and just had the whole chocolate face!" 😱

"Damn, where did all this money go!" Jason continued, "I thought we trained you not to do dumb...(things).

"You know what it smells like man!"


It's been five years since Jason Derulo last released an album, and the singer explained a couple of months ago he was released from a record label. "At that moment I was like 'yo, we've got to go at full force, I'm feeling creative as ever'."

And since leaving the record label he's been working on new songs at home during he Coronavirus Pandemic, releasing two songs, 'Savage Love' and 'Take You Dancing'.

Speaking about the music video to 'Take Me Dancing' Jason explained why there was no social distancing going on.


"Everybody who comes to my place is COVID tested," Jason explained, "If I'm having some sort of event at my house, a lot of the stuff that you see on TikTok and performances and stuff... I have the facilities here, on the premises, and I just have everyone COVID tested the morning of (the event) in my house.

"It just allows everyone to kind of feel at ease, more comfortable and it's tricky times, but you know there's little ways that we can get through things," he continued.

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