Kylie Minogue reveals her Top 5 songs and it includes some surprises

Kylie Minogue has been releasing songs in the UK since 1988, with an unbelievable 14 albums and countless singles, including Number 1 hits 'I Should Be So Lucky' and 'All the Lovers', and she's just released her new song 'Say Something', with an album due very soon.

Fleur East, James and Producer Matt on the Saturday Morning Show were lucky enough to grab some time with the Pop Princess, who has returned to her roots and has just released a classic Kylie pop tune, 'Say Something'.

Revealing to Fleur and the team what her favourite song of her own was, she said she couldn't choose just one, however 'Slow', 'Love At First Sight', and new single 'Say Something' were all her faves.

Adding, that 'Dancing', her 2018 release was on the list because, "I've only sung it for a couple of years, but I love that it tells story and it's a slightly different structure to traditional songs."


To finish off, Kylie chose the song that she recorded as a demo, and released first in Australia, before releasing as her third song in the UK, a year later - 'The Loco-Motion'. "It's got very, very humble beginnings from my part.

"I'll choose where it all began for me..." Kylie ended.

After teasing her new song on Wednesday (22nd July), 'Say Something' has now dropped and will feature on her new album 'Disco', due out in November, so Fleur, James and Matt were really keen to find out what they could about what will be the singer's 15th album.

Admitting that her video background was a hint at what was in store in November, Kylie said, "It is a little bit, yes!"

Continuing, "It's about escapism, emotion... One of my truly happy places is emotional pop, where it's up to you, you can just let loose or you can interpret the words and the feelings.

"The single 'Say Something' we began last year, and then I guess I was maybe a third through the album and there was lockdown!"

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