Must Hear Music

Every once in a while you hear a song that you want to tell everyone about, and that is what this page is all about.

It may not be the biggest or most well known artist, but a song I need to share. And you never know who will be the next big thing, so have a listen to these beauties and tell me what you think!


Die Young is the new single from Ke$ha and it's a good one!

The Script - Six Degree's of Separation

The follow up to The Hall of Fame is this fab tune from the album #3. I think this is one of the best songs on there. Check out the vid here, song released 25th Nov

Mash Up 2012

And as we near the end of 2012, I didn't think it would be too long til we got ' The Best 2012 Mash Up' and here it is. 24 artists and massive tunes from this year seamlessly mixed together. Enjoy!