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Curry Films 

As Bradford retains the Curry Capital of Britain for the 3rd year running it was time to get Curry-ative with some Curry Films and you didn't disappoint! 


  • Ryan Fieldhouse - The Spy who Loved Ghee 
  • Kurtis - Madrasic Park
  • Jamie Whitehead - The Twilight Saag-a
  • Luke in Halifax - Battlestar Garlic Tikka
  • Carl Howard - Transkorma
  • Michelle Garside - KORMA V KORMA
  • Helen Bell - Bat nann!!!!!
  • Gerald Doody - P.S I Love Aloo
  • Davidoz Hughes - Lassi
  • Stephen Midgley - Raita, Sue & Bob Too.
  • Ben Heaton - The Six Million Dollar Naan
  • Deb Charles - dhansak with wolves, dirty dhansak.
  • John Crossland - Bend it like. Bhuna
  • Michelle Garside - Masala & me
  • Vinny Taglione - All the curry on films. Let the raita one in, Pakora-hontas
  • Samantha Jade Makin - Korma Bill
  • Sarah Evans - Silence of the lamb bhuna.
  • Gaz Foster-Wren - Ghost bhunas
  • Richard Byrne - The Karachi kid
  • Graham Freeman - Murder she roti, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spice
  • Robert Gibbon - The Korma sutra
  • Dave Smith - Naan in 60 seconds
  • Lee Truswell - teminator 2 jalfraizie day lee from elland
  • Rich Williams - Mary Poppadom
  • Glynn Tozer - Madrasgascar Harmony AnderŅ•on - Devil wears masala

John Newman calls into the show

I was lucky enough to go to John's home coming gig in Settle (it was fab) and thought I'd give John a quick call on the show to exchange notes on the gig and get the low down on the new album Tribute out Oct 14th. Click play to hear what he had to say.


Check out his album sampler here....

Breaking Bad

Check out this school musical that highlights the whole 5 series of the show. 


Yorkshire Films

To celebrate Yorkshire Day I set you on the task of coming up with 'Yorkshire Films' and you didn't disappoint! Here's some of the best...


  • Dry Stone Wall-e
  • The Full Bronte!
  • The Dukes Of Haworth
  • The Idle Job 
  • From Rishworth With Love
  • Much A Brew about Nowt
  • Butch Cassidy and The Horsforth Kid
  • Harry Potter and The Yorkshire Stone
  • Pudsey Malone
  • Gone With The Windhill
  • t'lion King
  • Tha Dun't Know Tha Bourne Identity
  • Look Ouse Talking
  • Ea Tea
  • Wizard of O-sset
  • Home Alone 2: Lost In York
  • Mirfield On The Orient Express
  • Slumdog Saltaire
  • Dr Nowt
  • Sleepless in Settle
  • Crouching Whippet Hidden Ferret
  • Armleygeddon
  • Witches of Eldwick
  • 'Un flew o'a t' cuckoo's nest.
  • Fear and Loathing in Cas Vegas
  • Up't Duff (Knocked Up)
  • The Talented Mr Shipley
  • Wall-e By Gum
  • Drag Me To Hull
  • Watership-ley Down
  • Shef-field Of Dreams
  • Hull Boy
  • Fear and Loathing In Cas Vegas
  • Ogden Reservoir Dogs

Watch Out Mylo's About...

Lesson no 1. Don't take the mic out of Danny Mylo's Eyebrows, I learnt this the hard way.
So, on the Scrapbook on the show I was looking for pics of eyebrows that would beat Danny Mylo's. His are MASSIVE and are clearly his most distinguishing feature. He didn't like this much so took revenge.

Listen to how 'Browgate' unfolded...

Is Jacqui Blay good enough for MasterChef??

I'm hooked on MasterChef once again. Watching the show makes me think I can cook, I can't but I do like to try. After watching the show last week John Torode created a lovely looking meatball dish for the contestants to recreate.

So not to be left out I gave the dish a try too and it worked out really well, even John Torode was impressed with my creation!

If you fancy making the Meatballs too - here's the recipe John Torode's Meatball Recipe



We Didn't Own An iPad

If you love reminiscing you will love this, a look back on life in the 70's & 80's to the theme of We Didn't Start The Fire.

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