Tips and Tricks

After an unfortunate Red Wine incident, I tried out one of those 'old wives tricks' by pouring Soda Water on the stain, and much to may amazment it actually worked!!
What tips and tricks have you tried that work a treat? Let me know by filling out the form below.

Here's some of your top tips so far...
  • Kim Wenzel: Using coca cola to get rid of them black marks in the bottom of your pans, if you boil it then the marks will go, I've tryed it a few times and it works
  • Darren Noakes in Halifax: Weeds in the lawn, normal table salt will kill them. Pour some water in the centre of the weed and pour some salt in the middle and within 4 days it will be brown and dead lot cheaper than weed killers 
  • Jan at Odsal: If you burn a pan put soap powder in with water n put back on heat, no more burnt pan 
  • Ali in Hudds: Soak and clean oven racks in hot water and Daz, just make it a stronger solution than you would if you were putting it in your washing machine. 
  • ‚ÄčSarah Firth I use coca cola for a lot of cleaning. Also hair spray can remove nail varnish from carpets. Tried and tested many a time.
  • Liam: Use White Vinegar instead of fabric softener, its cheaper and you clothes don't smell like chips afterwards!
  • Dave: For spilt candle wax, let it dry and place kitchen roll over the top, then place a warm iron on the kitchen roll to pull up the wax from the carpet/material
  • Maggie: Lily pollen stains, lift off with some sellotape or the soft attachment on the hoover, then place in really strong sunling and the stain vanishes!