Anne-Marie gives us more details about 'AM2'

We're all ready for Anne-Marie's long-awaited second album, dubbed 'AM2', so when the singer joined Jordan Lee he just had to asked her more about it.

Anne-Marie has just released her new collab with Doja Cat, 'To Be Young' as well as teasing her fans endlessly with info about 'AM2', and the singer told Jordan more about her album.

Revealing she's still recording songs for 'AM2', Anne-Marie admitted it was the first song 'Birthday' that set the mood for the rest of the album. Working with different writers and producers from the first album Anne-Marie explained,

"I felt like everything I've learnt from the first album, I put into the second, and I had so much fun - that was before lockdown."

WATCH: Anne-Marie gives us MORE details about 'AM2'

"During lockdown, I've been recording in my house. I've had my vocal engineer controlling my computer through his computer from his house, recording in my living room. It's been a very different feeling, but I've felt so comfortable because I was just in my living room and could wear no trousers!"

The 'FRIENDS' singer went on to reveal how the best thing about it was being able to get involved with the whole process as she wasn't rushing off on tour. "It's actually been nice to not be on tour whilst going through this process."

Anne-Marie has yet to confirm the release date for her new album, despite announcing it was coming, back in January 2020. During the interview she explained some of her more unusual tweets, and how she's been enjoying growing her own veg during the lockdown.

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