Dua Lipa says her new collab 'One Day' will transport you away from lockdown

'One Day' is already a massive hit, with Dua Lipa, J Balvin, Tainy and Bad Bunny's collab having more than 56 million views on YouTube since its release last month, so Jordan Lee just needed to find out more about how the collab came about and why this is the perfect tune for coming out of lockdown.

Joining Jordan, Dua revealed that the song was actually written around 18 months ago, but it was the perfect song to transport listeners away from the lockdown, "to somewhere far away."


Continuing, "We kind of just kept it (the song), until the time was right and with everything happening, to have a song that can transport you out of your home, outside of lockdown and quarantine, and what's going on.

"(If) it takes you somewhere else you know, you could close your eyes and you could pretend you were on a beach, then I feel like we've done our job."

During the interview, J Balvin also told how the collab came about, admitting it was all because of a dream. "I dreamed to have a song with Dua Lipa, I wanted to have a song with her," J Balvin explained, "I told Tainy I had this idea..."

The Colombian singer went on to explain, "Here we are, you know, you have to take a risk and it was worth it!"

J Balvin is a huge name in the Latin music world, however he's also known for some big collaborations including his 2017 hit with Willy William 'Mi Gente' and 'Familiar' with Liam Payne.

'One Day' also known as 'Un Dia', is sung in English and Spanish and is Dua's follow-up to her 2020 hits 'Physical' and 'Break My Heart'.