Jess Glynne CONFIRMS another album is coming soon

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected every aspect of people's lives around the world, with many artists cancelling or postponing their tours planned for this year.

Jordan Lee caught up with Jess Glynne who has just released her new collab with Snakehips, Davido and A Boogie wit da Hoodie, 'Lie For You'.

Telling Jordan all about her new song, Jess revealed that she wrote it three years ago, and there are a couple of versions of the song, one with just her, and one as a collab, which she prefers.


"I wrote this song three years ago when I was doing my second album actually. I've been sitting with it for a while, and there's been various different points over the last few years when I was going to put it out. Over the past few months I was kind of listening back to quite a lot of stuff, and I thought, it would be really cool to put this out as an entity."

It was at this point that she decided to reached out to Snakehips to see if they wanted to collab on it.

Like many other artists, Jess has also had to postpone all tours, which she said has actually been a welcome break as she has been touring for around six years. Speaking about the prospect of a comeback gig, she said realistically she didn't think it would be for another year.

"I can't even imagine right now what the first gig would be," she went on to explain that she's, "Cool" waiting for a while, however she'd love it to be a "big show". The 'I'll Be There' singer went on to reveal that it would be dependant on if she wrote another album.

Hinting that there could be another one on the horizon she said, "I'm a very project-focussed human-being, everything's a story to me and everything's very visual, so I'll most definitely have another album coming soon."