Kim Petras reveals the inspiration behind her huge hit 'Malibu'

Kim Petras is one of the biggest names in LGBTQ+ music right now and her song 'Malibu' is HUGE at the moment, so we thought we'd get her on Jordan Lee's Evening Show to tell us all about it.

Speaking about the song that was actually written two years ago, Kim told Jordan, "I'm happy I got it out and I'm also kind of happy I got it out during quarantine time, because I feel like it made a lot of people happy and made them forget about their problems."


The singer went on to joke the song is named after both the drink and place! Explaining that before she visited the place she had a vision of what it was like, but in reality it was VERY different.

The 27-year-old revealed what the song is really about, "I just wanted to make a song that feels like what I imagined Malibu to be like. I'm comparing it more to a person and they feel this amazing place."


Last year, Kim was one of the first artists to release a Halloween album, and revealed that there might be something similar in the pipeline. 👀

She told Jordan, "I've got some songs locked that I'm super excited about, I feel like I'm getting really close to a whole album's worth of stuff, that kind of belongs in the same world."

However, she explained that 'Malibu' is still growing so she'd like to give it some space.