McFly reminisce about the time they all lived in one house

After their sell-out performance at the O2 in London last year, McFly have now released a comeback song 'Happiness' and Jordan Lee had the chance to catch up with them over Zoom.

Reminiscing about times gone by, Jordan asked Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd, about the time they all lived in one house!

Nearly 20 years ago, when McFly were just starting out, the boys moved into a house together for two or three years. At the time Dougie was just 15-years-old, and he joked all his belongings fit into a shoebox!


"I used to be able to fit into a shoebox," Dougie joked, and Tom continued, "That's how we found him, just in a box."

Reminiscing about the good times they spent together, the boys admitted they do spend a long time together, with Harry revealing, "We do spend long periods of time together and I pretty much feel like personally we revert back to pretty much the same people we were when we were 17."

The drummer continued, "We don't do the same things, but we behave in the same way, that's encouraging!"

McFly also reflected on filming their music video in lockdown, doing everything from home, with a director in Argentina! Danny explained, "Being honest it was the most brilliantly quick, but awkward and sweaty.

"You couldn't imagine what he (the director) was going to do with it, but what we've seen we're absolutely chuffed with, you can't believe it's all been filmed on an iPhone."