We find out WHO 'Natalie' is in RAYE's new song 'Natalie Don't'

Adding to the huge names that Jordan Lee has welcomed to the evening show, RAYE joined via Zoom to talk about her new song 'Natalie Don't'.

The song, which has been dubbed a 'modern-day Jolene' is about a girl who comes between RAYE and her partner at the time. With lyrics such as, 'Why you staring at him, I can see, When you know he belongs to me,' the song is included on RAYE's upcoming seven-track extended play.

As RAYE told Jordan, her EP has seven tracks, as there are stages of healing from loss, and she feels like a broken heart is like losing someone.

Opening up about the new tune, RAYE revealed that it was based on a real situation, but the girl isn't called Natalie, it was just a name that worked well as it has three syllables. The 'Tequila' singer went on to reveal that she's found herself apologising to a number of people called Natalie who have DMed her!

"Natalie was, you know, a good friend of mine, and a guy. And it was wild, and I dealt with it the only way I know how to, and I made a song, and in fact, I'm glad that Natalie did because now I've got 'Natalie Don't'."


RAYE also spoke about her upcoming seven-track music project, which she describes as the seven stages of healing. "I'm very excited about this project, it's the seven stages of healing a broken heart," RAYE explained.

"In my opinion, if you lose someone you love, that's like a death, because I went from loving, knowing and adoring that person, seeing them every day, sharing the deepest bits of myself, and then you're strangers again. And then it's like the most oddest concept and you know, it took me a hot minute to really recover from this last one."