Secret Sound

Can you guess the secret sound?

Do you want to listen again (and again... and again) until you crack it?

New Secret Sound here for you! (06-02-2019)



At last we have a Secret Sound Winner!!!! 06-11-2018 (Click & Listen)

Well done Sue from Great Horton guessing Stay Alive - New one tomorrow!



This is the current Secret Sound driving everyone crazy!


Rubik Cube


Etch A Sketch

View Master 3D

Game Boy



A new Secret Sound for July 16-07-2018!

Here is the new Secret Sound as of the 21st June 2018 - the answer was a loo roll holder!


Here is the new Secret Sound as of 24th May 2018 and was guessed by Sally this morning!

The answer is the crumb tray of a toaster being removed! 

A new sound tomorrow at 11am!





Here is the new Secret Sound for May 2018! - Answer was a tub of Pringles!


Well done Carol from Wrose who this morning correctly guessed the secret sound which has been running 3 months… a quarter of 2018!

The answer was… Glow Stick!

A new sound tomorrow after 11am!

New Sound March 2018!


New Year - New Sound from Jan 2nd 2018

New Secret Sound as of the 14th December

The answer was a nose trimmer!

The answer was a medicine bottle being opened!

The answer was a water handheld game!


The secret sound has been won by Stuart in Bradford - it's a packet of Football Stickers being opened!

Ok so here is the new one - listen below!



Wrong Guesses

Tile Cutter


Squirty Cream

Fidget Spinner


Stanley Knife



The answer was a Fruit Machine!


Wrong Answers Below:

Hand Drier

Door Swipe Lock

Computer Game

Can you guess the Secret Sound?

Listen below to the last secret sound! The answer was an Easter Egg being opened.




Listen below to the last secret sound! The answer was a light bulb being screwed in.


Wrong Guesses

A tin of food being emptied

Contains of a bowl being consumed

Washing pots

Crockery knocking against each other


Listen below to the last secret sound! The answer was knives going into a holder.

Do you think you know what it is yet? Call Griffo in the studio with your guess on 01274 200 200!


Wrong Guesses

Sharpening Knives






Stove Switches


Forks in a draw

Ice Cream Scoop

Plug Hole


Ash Tray

Ice Tray

Letter Box