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If you've missed the show, this is what I've been talking about....

Marry Me !

Bruno Mars's song 'Marry Me' has inspired a marriage proposal in Portland , America. Actor Isaac Lamb enlisted the help of 60 of his friends to help him perform his proposal to girlfriend Amy Frankel. Take a look at the vid.


Never Mind Pudsey !!

I have found another Talented Dog ! You have to watch this video , it's Norman the Dog who loves to ride his bike. The multi-Talented pooch can also use a scooter.His owner Karen got him the personalised bicycle complete with stabilisers so he can ride up and down the street.


Cheryl's new vid

Cheryl's Cole has debuted her new video online. The single is called 'Call My Name' the lead single from her third a;bum A Million Lights! Take a look at the new video. I think you will agree she looks amazing.


Cheryl is back

This morning on the breakfast show with Alex & Becky , they played the new single from Cheryl . The singer's new track - released under the name 'Cheryl'. The song will  be released officially on June 10, ahead of Cole's third solo album A Million Lights on June 18.

Click HERE  - To hear the new Cheryl track


Cat Avoids getting wet !!

Now you know I am a Cat owner ! well take a look at this video of a cat crossing a stream has become a viral hit.

In the upload, the feline is seen walking along a beam. As it crosses, it parts its feet either side of the beam to avoid getting its paws wet, before leaping over to the other side.


Barack Obama sings again

Earlier this year , a video surfaced on YouTube in which clips of Barack Obama were compiled to make it appear he was singing Born this way.

Now the same user has uploaded the US President is singing LMFAO's Sexy and I know it. Have a look

Worst Eurovision song ever ?

San Marino's Eurovision entry is taking the internet by storm - the song is a cheesy tribute to Facebook. The song is the 2012 entry from the smallest country in the competition.  Do you think Engelbert Humperdinck should be worried by this song? take a listen see what you think.

Cute Factor

This is so cute , it's 2 year old Makena singing Adele , Someone like you. It's become a massive hit on-line take a look I am sure even Adele will think this it cute.


Reporter walks into Pole ouch !!

Have you ever walked into something and then looked around to see if anyone saw you ? Well a Canadian television reporter Kent Molgate walked into a lamp post live on air last week. The clip has become a hit online , achieving almost 200,000 views since it was posted. Watch Kent Molgat walk into a lamp post live on air below.



Paper Plane Record

Do you ever get bored at work and make Paper Planes? , then throw them in the office ? . Well take a look at this video , a new world record for the longest paper plane throw has been set and captured on video.  John Collins designed a paper plane and managed to hurl it 226 feet and 10 inches. See if you can manage that in your work place!


Love is on the air

So on the 29th February ladies are 'allowed' to propose to men.  Well during my show I got a text from Elouise Thompson from Bradford who wanted to Ask Ben Patchet a question.  Take a listen to the call ... awwww

Cat Massaging a Dog .... how cute

An adorable video that shows a cat massaging a dog has gone viral over the past month. A sleeping pug Toby is seen below being given a message by his feline friend.  Have a look its the cutest thing you will see today.

National Chip Week

David Beckham recently launched his latest underwear range, there was a TV add that was seen by millions when it aired in the US. Well a Chip shop in Soho , London have done their own advert. This was to highlight National Chip Week. Take a look see if you fancy Chips tonight ?


Bulldog cries to Adele

Adele is big now and successful that even dogs can appreciate her music. A French bulldog named Rocca was in a sad mood, so his owner played' Someone Like You' - it's what I would do if I felt down.  I feel like giving Rocco a big hug after this video - take a look.

Ewe Won't Believe this !

Take a look at this video , when Sheep attack . A car drives while sheep start to cyclone around it !!



Moggie is S-purrs player

I was watching the Liverpool v Spurs game , and there was a pitch invasion - by a cat. Play was interrupted when the Anfield stray darted towards the Tottenham keeper. Have a look at the link and the see the Cat make an appearance.



I'm Elmo and I know it !

Now you know how I like to bring you funny videos ! Well this is the funniest video I've seen in ages. It's Elmo from Sesame Street , with his Parody of a LMFAO song.  Have a look at this you will love it !


Barack Obama goes Gaga

Well you never would have thought Barack Obama would be a big fan of Lady Ga Ga !! Well he is, thanks to some jokers putting together footage of him 'singing' along to Born this way.  Individual words have been cut from his speeches, then put together to match the lines of the song. Take a look at the video it's very funny.

On my head son ?

I was watching the Arsnal v Leeds game in the FA Cup, and the funniest thing happend before kick off.  Martin Keown gets a ball in the face.  Even if you not a football fan it's worth a look.

Bouncing Grannies

Two Grannies have become an internet sensation. The due came a cropper as they tried to operate the bright orange retro-style inflatable. I think they must have had one or two sherries.


This years biggest songs

This time of the year can  mean only one thing DJ Earworm Mashup. Most of the biggest hits from the year , mashed together in under five minutes. Have a look see how many songs you remember from this year.

Most-watched Video

A 'talking' dog has topped a list of the most-watched videos on YouTube. The dog is shown being teased by its owner about food and appears to speak English, saying "you're kidding me!" Have a look at the video it made me laugh anyway!.


Santa Traffic Cop

A dancing traffic cop who directs cars on a busy street dressed as Santa has become a worldwide star. The cop , who entertains drivers in the Philippines with his moves has become a massive star all over the web.






HMS Ocean sing Mariah Carey

The crew members on board the HMS Ocean have released a lip-synch video that has become a viral hit. The aviation crew are set to return home to the UK on Friday, December 9th and are seen miming to Mariah Carey's festive classic ' All I want for Christmas is you'.

Take a look it's one of the funniest videos i've seen in ages.

The only way Is Christmas

The cast of The only way is Essex have covered Wham's - Last Christmas ! I know what your thinking (why), well it is for charity - take a listen see what you think, and errrr enjoy it.....



Adele sings again

Adele is speaking again after her throat surgery - using a Stephen Hawking-style voice from her smartphone. She is using a app that reads out her messages she types. Here's a clip of how Someone like you might sound.


Getting told off by my Mum

On the show I was talking about giving my Mum a lift home. It was only a short journey , however it seemed like the longest journey of my life! All my Mum did was tell me off. No matter how old you get you are never to old to get told off by your folks. My Mum then decided to call me up during the show to tell me off. If you missed it on the show have a listen again.

Slippers and shopping
I was out the other day and saw a lady in my local shop wearing her Slippers!! Now I have an issue with this as they are supposed to be worn in the house not out to the shop!!
Why do people think it's ok to walk out the house with their slippers on?? Firstly it looks wrong also if you leave the house with your slippers on then all you will do is bring dirt back into your house!!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorations
When is it the right time to put your Christmas decorations up?  After much debate on the show it seemed the correct time to put your decorations up was the start of December !