A blast from the past

Lets go back... back in time!

As a media partner of Huddersfield Town Football Club, we were both intrigued and excited when we were approached by the team at Huddersfield Town with regards to a rare record which had been donated to them by one of their fans. This record is believed to date back to the 1930s and contain audio of the captain at the time talking about their FA Cup final appearance, with audio from both Huddersfield Town and Arsenal Football Club.

We were asked whether this rare vinyl record could be digitalised and an electronic version created, so we could share this with Huddersfield Town fans, both past and present.

Our very own Paul Carrington, with his marvellous skillset and deep passion for all things music related, was our eager volunteer when it came to helping convert the audio.

Pulse Sport, together with Huddersfield Town, are pleased to be able to present this audio to the general public. It is a great souvenir from the past, in modern day format, for all Huddersfield Town and football fans alike to listen to and appreciate.

Have a listen to the audio below and enjoy!

Pictured right are Ash Raine, Sean Jarvis - Huddersfield Town Commercial Director and John Broscombe