Fat Brain Game

Fat Brain Game is the new daily general knowledge quiz based on the world’s news and goings on .

Test out your grey matter by answering the questions correctly to try and get onto the fat brain game leader board.

Danny & Rosie play quiz master each morning at 8.15am. Want to play? Register now by leaving your details below. Good Luck!

Our Top Players for 2018 Are..

Traffic Andy from Bradford 12 points. 

Lisa Rejei from Huddersfield 11 points. 

Bob Taylor the dead fly collector from Sowerby Bridge 11 points. 

Holly Ambrose from Cottingley 11 points

Catherine Marshall from Halifax 11 points

Paul Goodwin from Mirfield 11 points.

Matt from Steer Ilkley 10 points.

Nana Sarah from Bradford 10 points.

Vicky Chadwick from Wyke 10 points.

Ash Robinson from Stumpcross 10 points.

Alex Humphries from Dewsbury 10 points. 

Abbie Holyoake from Driglington 10 points.

Craig McCormick from Bradford 10 points. 

Shelly Martin from Bradford 10 points.

Joanne Fairbank from Huddersfield 10 points.

Anne Marie Gleadell from Stainland 10 points

Kev Freeman from Huddersfield 10 points.

Lee Wagstaff from Brighouse 10 points. 

Laura Wright from Brighouse 10 points. 

Joanne Helliwell from Halifax 10 points.

Jim Coulson from Pulse 1 Towers 10 points. 

Jenny Smith from Halifax 10 points.

Aiden Holmes from Bradford 10 points. 

Tommy D from Pudsey 10 points. 

Craig Bowd from Manchester 10 points.

Adam the Plumber from Bradford 10 points. 

Chris Greenwood from Halifax 9 points. 

Luke Taylor from Shakey Wakey 9 points. 

Brian Green from Blackpool 9 points.

Rhino from Brighouse 9 points.

Gaz Kendal in Halifax 9 points.

Avril Lloyd from Huddersfield 9 points.

Sammy Lord from Bradford 9 points.

Scott Aberneffy from Bradford 9 points.

Tim Richardson from Bradford 9 points.

Clare Dunne from Idle 9 points.

Andy Webb from Brighouse 9 points.

Danny Walker from Bradford 9 points. 

Melanie Robinson from Huddersfield 9 points.

Scott Abernethy from Bradford 9 points. 

Lisa Cole from Mirfield 8 points.

Gary Brown from Queensbury 8 points.

Sophie Halliday from Bingley 8 points.

Jack Billington from Bradford 8 points. 

Carrianne Hill from Bradford 8 points.

Sophie O'nion from Goole 8 points.

Elaine Biddulph from Rochdale 8 points.

Beverley Roper from Ripponden 8 points.

Liz Durbak from Huddersfield 8 points. 

Amy Carroll from Bradford 8 points. 

Steve Holiday from Halifax 8 points.

Ash The Best Blocker IN THE WORLD from Halifax 8 points. 

Points make Prizes

Score between 0 & 3 you get you get an invisible crown and you get to be king for the day!

Score between 4 and 7 you win a Pulse 1 pen!

Score 8 and above to get onto the fat brain game leader board and win an exclusive limited edition “I’ve got a fat brain” t-shirt!