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Quality Stoves are your one stop destination for all your wood burning stove and multi fuel stove needs. Based in Halifax, they offer free delivery in the UK and have clients throughout the country. With over 30 years of experience in the stove industry, they can help with any questions you may have on wood burning stoves.

Wood Burning Stoves - Bringing Warmth and Character A huge range of wood burning stoves will not only bring warmth into your house but also a huge amount of character. As well as giving off significant heat, wood burning stoves add a glow and become the talking feature of your home.

Wood burning stoves evoke memories from the past - a flashback to a slower pace of life but with modern efficiency. Dancing flames coming from within cast iron wood burning stoves cannot be beaten by modern substitutes.

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Quality Stoves would like to offer:

Hunter Herald 8 Multifuel Stove 1 Door

This multifuel stove produced by Hunter Uk has the following features:

• Output up to 11kW
• Average area heated 70 cubic metres
• Hunter Airwash - The air wash is achieved by air being drawn into the top of the stove and heated in a large air chamber before being directed down behind the large glass door creating a screen between the fire and the glass. Smoke or combustion particles do not come into contact with the glass, leaving it clean to see through.
• Cleanburn system whereby air is preheated in a cavity prior to being sent into the stove, thus incresing efficiency levels and meeting ce approval
• External riddling - The grate (externally from the cam bar) can be adjusted from open to burn coal, to closed creating a flat bed for woodburning by a single turn of the handle
• Safe and efficient for overnight burning - By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum, the fire will gently smoulder and remain alight throughout the night. When required, the fire will come to life by simply increasing the air flow into the stove.
• Dimensions H625mm W603mm D432mm
• Top or rear 6 inch flue outlet
• Warranty 3 years on stove casting
• Free delivery
• Free fitting assuming fireplace suits installation as per hetas regulations. If fitting criteria is not met extra charges may incur